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Garage Door Spring Repair Services Charlotte County

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Garage door springs, or torsion springs, are an irreplaceable part of your garage door. Without them, you won't be able to open or close your door, even manually. Since an average homeowner operates their garage door 3-5 times daily, a torsion spring can snap unannounced. 

Besides being inconvenient, a garage door with a broken spring is a safety hazard. It can cause the door to collapse, risking injury to anyone in its way. Addressing a broken garage door spring without proper knowledge, experience, and tools is equally dangerous. The high-tension spring can snap and recoil violently, causing cuts, bruises, fractures, and more. Our garage door spring repair experts have the expertise, techniques, and tools to handle the situation. 

Signs Your Garage Door Spring Needs Help

Garage door springs are composed of heavy-gauge steel wire coils. Frequent use can strain the springs, causing them to break. As a result, the springs fail to counterbalance the garage door’s weight, causing significant inconvenience. The spring can also break from rust, lack of proper maintenance, and overuse. 

When a torsion spring snaps, you’ll hear a loud bang. That’s your first prominent sign. If there’s no noise but you face any of the following, get professional help:

  • Heavier than usual gate
  • Loose cables and gaping spring coils
  • Uncontrollable and irregular movement
  • Uneven gate placement

We Offer Reasonable and Effective Garage Door Spring Repair Services

Thorough Spring Inspection and Assessment

We have a team of trained technicians who thoroughly inspect your garage door and determine the extent of the damage. You'll get a detailed assessment of the required repairs so you can make an educated decision.

Precise Spring Adjustment and Replacement

We ensure that the spring adjustment and replacement go smoothly and that the door spring is fully functional by the end of the process.

Safety Check and Maintenance

We perform a thorough safety check and run regular maintenance checks to ensure your garage door springs are efficient and safe.

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