Garage door sensors are the essential feature to the automatic garage doors. The sensors help in the opening and closing of the garage door and ensuring its motion while taking into account the objects in between. Below are a few tips to inspect and repair your garage door sensors swiftly

Factors that identify that the sensor needs a repair 

Garage sensors not only conveniently open and close, but serve the safety feature as well. The following is a list that will indicate that you require a repair: 

  • The door fails to close when you push the button 
  • It takes a longer period of time to open and close 
  • The photoelectric lights are not coming on 
  • The collection of dust on the sensor 
  • No constant supply of power 
  • Compromised wiring 

The equipments you will need 

Before you start the repairing process, make sure that you have the required equipment to make the process simple and efficient.

  • Clean microbe cloth 
  • Mild soap solution 
  • A ladder 
  • A multimeter 

But safety first! 

Ensure that the garage door is in a down position. As well as switching off the power supply of the garage opener to avoid any safety hazards.


Check if the door sensors are aligned 

Sensor lights are one way to indicate  if your door sensors are working properly. There should be two lights present, one should be green that indicates that it is sending the beam of light. Whereas, the other light should be the red light which indicates that it received the light. 

If the red light seems to be blinking that means that your sensors have been misaligned as it is very easy to do so, it can be due to traffic or some other things. 

It is easy to move them back into place just check when the red light stops blinking as that would indicate the light has been moved to its right place. 

Check if the garage door sensors are dirty

Sounds rather odd, but it has a huge impact. 

As the garage door sensors are closer to the ground, it is very easy to accumulate dust into them, especially if you live on a busy street or your garage door has remained open for too long. Not only that, but dust and moisture can also play a role in causing disruptions to the sensors as it emits them from receiving the beam light. 

The solution to this is to clean your garage door with a cloth or a microfiber one to make sure it collects every tiny particle. If you think the issue is still not getting fixed, then you might have to unscrew the metal holders and wipe them to make them dry and clean. 

However, to prevent the sensors from getting dirty, a regular cleaning will prevent issues arising from dirt and make sure you do not have many disruptions. 

Check the wiring 

It is very common for the garage door to malfunction. This can be due to the wear and tear from daily usage, pests, or some other factors. When it is a wiring issue, the sensors will often flash an orange light instead of a red light. 

It might be time to check the wires that connect the sensors to the main terminals. You will have to ensure that the wires are intact, and they are not twisted or broken.

You might find tangled wires. It would be best to untangle them and examine and ensure that they are correctly connected to the terminal. 

Inspect the wires and check if they are chewed. Not only that but also check if there is any water damage as water can short the wires and cause them to malfunction. 

If you see that the wires are damaged, then you will have to replace them. If you are not a skilled technician on the job it would be best to hire a professional to save yourself from an unpleasant situation and added costs. 

In fact, to save everybody it would be best to disconnect from the garage door opener and once the wires have been repaired you can reconnect and enjoy the whole system like before. 

Check the power supply 

If you see that the lights either one or both of them are failing to light up then that would indicate that there is an issue with the power supply. It would be time to inspect if there is any power outage in the area or if there is a fuse or if the garage door system is unplugged. 

While you are inspecting this issue, you can disconnect the garage door from the opener. As this allows you to open and close the garage door manually and check about the lights. 

If there is a power outage then you do not have to worry as it will come to work soon. If you think the others are not facing an issue, then it can be that there is a fuse that is blown. 

If you think there is a circuit breaker problem then unplug the garage door opener, flip the switch in the breaker then plug the garage open back. 

Final thoughts 

Garage door sensors are essential for a smooth running of the automatic garage function. There are many factors that can indicate that the garage door sensor is damaged. One of the most clear indications would be the coloured lights, indicating that there is something wrong and is malfunctioning. One of the other frustrating things which is also an indication of a compromised sensor is taking too long to open and close and sometimes the buttons not performing the jobs at all. No matter what you do, it is important to look at the safety aspect first to protect yourself and the property. Make sure that the sensors have not accumulated too much dust causing the disruption in functions and ensure the wires are placed and plugged in correctly. Cleaning from time to time will ensure a smooth running and hiring a professional for wiring issues would ensure safety.